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August 11, 2009


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Congratulation on your blog. It is well designed and very well written (although fashion is not really my main center of interest ;) but it is a very popular trend on the internet). Piece of advise : do not give up. Getting a motivating audience takes time, sometimes months, but if you post on a regular basis and get the word out there it will happen.

Don't hesistate to be personal or to have an "about me" section, people love to know who's behind a blog.

There you can find some usefull tips to get readers : http://www.brianyerkes.com/the-secrets-to-acquiring-thousands-of-rss-subscribers/

Hope you'll enjoy doing this :)

See you soon.


Great article! I do love that tweed jacket too!
I will follow your articles from now on!

Have a great day.


Hey thanks for the comments! I'm still working on some things in my blog before getting out there! Thanks for all the advice and the positive feedback! This makes me excited!

Maya Kujat

Amazing Dresses!

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